Node Roundup: Ryan Dahl Steps Down, Thimble, Mongo Model, Banking.js, Navcodec

2012-02-01 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young
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Ryan Dahl Steps Down

Ryan Dahl announced that he's stepping down as "gatekeeper" and Isaac Schlueter will now take the lead. Many messages of gratitude were posted to the nodejs group in response.

Our energy will now be largely focused over the next few months on improving the third party module system experience including a website for browsing modules, a new addon build system, and binary installations from npm.

The thing that's fascinated me most about Ryan and Node over the last three years is the creation and development of libuv. Ryan made a great screencast about libuv, and something about his attitude came across as relatively humble and reserved, which impressed me given the success of Node.

If you've followed Isaac's blog you'll know he has a different personality -- I think it's fair to say he's got some strong opinions about software development, but argues them in a well-tempered manner. Time will tell how these different personalities will impact on Node's overall development and community.

Meanwhile, Node 0.6.9 was released which brings back some missing dgram functionality, and includes bug fixes.


Thimble (License: MIT, GitHub: MatthewMueller / thimble, npm: thimble) by Matthew Mueller is a new way of working with Express. It inserts two middleware layers that manipulates requests and assets to provide a more integrated way of working with client-side code. Thimble's functionality is provided through plugins, which include:

Matthew has created two examples of Thimble projects, available here: thimble / examples.

Mongo Model

Mongo Model (GitHub: alexeypetrushin / mongo-model, License: MIT, npm: mongo-model) by Alexey Petrushin is a new MongoDB library that can optionally work with fibers.

I had trouble running the library without CoffeeScript, so I installed it and ran the examples with coffee and they seemed to work. The mongo-model documentation is all CoffeeScript as well, so you may struggle to use it if you want to use it with JavaScript.


Banking.js (License: MIT, GitHub: euforic / banking.js, npm: banking) by Christian Sullivan is a unified API for North American banks. Rather than logging into a clunky web interface banking.getStatement can be used to get statement details.

Imagine scripting some Arduino hardware with a suitable Node Arduino package to disable your current debt in an amusing way!

Node libavcodec bindings

These Node libavcodec bindings (License: MIT, npm: navcodec) developed by Optimal Bits offer a new way to work with libavcodec in Node. The authors have aimed to create a new JavaScript API that works how JavaScript developers would expect:

navcodec = require('navcodec');

navcodec.open('myinput.mov', function(err, media) {
  if (media){
    media.addOutput('myoutput.mp4', {
      width: 640,
      height: 480,
      audioBitrate: 128000,
      videoBitrate: 500000

    media.transcode(function(err, progress, time) {
      if (progress === 100){
        console.log('Total transcoding time:' + time);

This seems like an incredibly useful library for those that work with media. In particular, metadata extraction and thumbnail generation all become possible with navcodec.