jQuery Roundup: CraftMap, Scrollorama, Plugins Archive

2012-01-03 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young
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CraftMap (License: free for non-commercial use, Price: $49, Size: 13KB, Minified: 6.5KB) by Marcin Dziewulski is a lightweight plugin that turns an image into a map, complete with overlays and markers.

The plugin comes with lots of options, including saving position to cookies, map positioning, and controls.

Marcin has also written a whole slew of other plugins:



Scrollorama (GitHub: johnpolacek / scrollorama, License: MIT and GPL, Size: 9.63KB) by John Polacek is a plugin for controlling animations as a page is scrolled. Once a page is split into blocks, events can be triggered as blocks become visible:

var scrollorama = $.scrollorama({
  blocks: '.scrollblock'

scrollorama.onBlockChange(function() {
  alert('You just scrolled to block#' + scrollorama.blockIndex);

Elements can be animated, like the examples on Scrollorama's site:

scrollorama.animate('#example1', {
  duration: 400, property: 'opacity'

Plugins Archive

After the official jQuery plugin site was shelved, the old content has now been reinstated at archive.plugins.jquery.com.

The new site is open source and can be found at GitHub: jquery / plugins.jquery.com. It can be installed locally, and requires a web server, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Node, and Git.