jQuery Roundup: Create, jQuery/Switch, Matteo Bicocchi's Plugins, nanoScroller.js, Mobi Pick, jQuery Geo, Brequire

2011-12-13 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young
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Create (GitHub: bergie / create, License: MIT) by Henri
Bergius is built on jQuery UI, Backbone.js, Modernizr, and
VIE. It provides a dynamic editing interface suited to browser-based HTML5 content management.

One relatively unique feature of Create is the use of RDFa annotations
to mark up editable content. This reminded me of a CMS I built in the
early 2000s that used XSLT to transform arbitrary data into editable
data, but this seems far easier to use. To read more about the RDFa
portion of this project, see VIE (Vienna IKS
by the same author.


jQuery/Switch (GitHub: rawnet / jquery-switch, License: MIT) from Rawnet is an iOS-inspired slide and toggle widget:

The plugin is accessed by using the switchify method. The
HTML for this plugin can be marked up by using a select
element with suitable on/off values.

The documentation for this plugin is excellent, with fully interactive
examples for lots of different configuration options.

Matteo Bicocchi's Plugins

mb.jQuery Components (License:
MIT and GPL) by Matteo Bicocchi is a collection of 16
plugins focused on media and UI. There's a tree
, draggable
sliders, and even a background YouTube movie

All of the plugins are presented with documentation and demos.


nanoScroller.js (GitHub: jamesflorentino / nanoScrollerJS,
License: MIT) by James Florentino is a Lion-style scrollbar
implementation. It requires a little bit of CSS, but usage basically
boils down to this:


The author has tested it with IE8+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and iOS 5.
Older browsers like IE7 will degrade to the native scrollbar.

Mobi Pick

Mobi Pick (GitHub: sustainablepace / mobipick, License: MIT)
by Christoph Baudson is a rather cute Android-inspired date picker. It
uses the impressive XDate library, and
features progressive enhancement through Modernizr.

Mobi Pick has implemented localisation through XDate's locale support,
which means a localised picker can be displayed simply by specifying a

  locale: 'es'

jQuery Geo

jQuery Geo (GitHub: AppGeo / geo) from Applied Geographics is an
open source mapping project that provides a friendly JavaScript API for
services like Open Street Map, WMS and Esri ArcGIS Server.

The simplest jQuery Geo
shows how easy
it is to get started with the plugin:

$(function () {

Centring and zooming is also easy:

  center: [-71.037598, 42.363281],
  zoom: 10

The project also includes support for geometry and user interaction with
geometric objects.


We've been covering asynchronous script loaders a lot recently, more by
chance than design, and so Jonah Fox sent in his latest updates for
Brequire. I've mentioned this library before on DailyJS, but the recent updates add some interesting
asynchronous functionality through the optional
require.async.js module:

require('./app', function(app) {
  // do stuff with app

Also, in commit

the author added AMD