jQuery Roundup: Smartupdater, vkTemplate, Handpicked jQuery Plugins

2011-11-29 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young
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Smartupdater (GitHub: vkiryukhin / Smartupdater, License: MIT and GPL) by Vadim Kiryukhin is a plugin that
specialises in Ajax polling, originally featured on DailyJS last year in
jQuery Rolling and Polling. It has recently been updated to version 4.0 (beta).

The API has been updated to reduce the number of functions the plugin
adds to jQuery, so rather than
can be used instead.


Vadim Kiryukhin has also released
vkTemplate (GitHub: vkiryukhin / vkTemplate, License: MIT and GPL). This is a small (less than 1.5kb) templating
plugin that's designed to be used with Ajax. Given URLs for a template
and date, a template can be rendered like this:

$('#subcontainer').vkTemplate('/user.tmpl', '/users/1.json');

// JSON can be passed as well
$('#subcontainer').vkTemplate('/user.tmpl', { name: 'Kurt', email: 'kurt@thepope.org' });

Handpicked jQuery Plugins

The Handpicked jQuery Plugins Repo is a list of jQuery plugins curated
by David Higgins. It's actually a repository
on GitHub, and he invites people to fork it here: higgo /

David has also made a site where the plugins can be browsed, at
iwantaneff.in/repo/. And, if you're not comfortable with git he's even uploaded the plugins as files that can be
downloaded from