jQuery Roundup: Slimmer jQuery, jQuery Fundamentals, Stalactite

2011-11-15 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young
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Building a Slimmer jQuery

Building a Slimmer jQuery is
a post on the official jQuery blog that discusses guidelines for feature
deprecation, as the importance of small file sizes for mobile delivery
is becoming more predominant. This doesn't mean blanked requirements
like IE6 support will be removed, even though reducing browser support
is a feature of competing micro-frameworks aimed at mobile devices. It
does, however, mean more features will move to plugins in the future:

Features that can be implemented via plugins, special events, attribute hooks, or other jQuery extension mechanisms are likely to stay outside core for now.

jQuery Fundamentals

jQuery Fundamentals by Rebecca Murphey (License: CC BY-SA 3.0) is a freely
available book all about jQuery, with a primer on JavaScript, and
coverage of everything from core features like events to plugin

It's an extremely thorough tome on the subject, with contributions from
such developers as James Padolsey and Paul Irish. The example code is
even available on GitHub under rmurphey /


Stalactite (GitHub: jonobr1 / stalactite, License: Apache
Version 2.0
) by Jono Brandel is a "lightweight element packing" plugin.
It will attempt to lazily stack images, videos, and even iframes into a

Basic usage is simply \$('#container').stalactite();, but
there are options for controlling animations, and a callback can be run
on completion.