jQuery Roundup: 1.7, Doubletake, ThemeRoller for Mobile

2011-11-08 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young
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jQuery 1.7 Release

jQuery 1.7 is out. The
official blog post has great coverage of this release, with some
intriguing statistics on delegated event performance:

To optimize the code for the most commonly used forms of selectors, we examined a cross-section of code from Google Code Search... By parsing those simple selectors in JavaScript at the time the event was attached, we were able to outperform even the browser's native-code implementations of matchesSelector during event delivery.


Doubletake (License: WTFPL) by Graham Bird changes the src of image elements based on the browser's width. To control which images are requested,
"breakpoints" are used to correctly match the file name:

  'breakpoints': [480,960],
  'pattern': '/images/foobar.jpg?width=([0-9]+)'

Graham's example includes the use of Sencha
to automatically resize images.

ThemeRoller for Mobile

ThemeRoller for Mobile
has been released, which is a version of jQuery UI's
for jQuery

It also includes Adobe Kuler support for
easily creating a colour palette for your apps.

Although themes can be shared, the links to shared themes are only saved
for 30 days to "keep our server from getting stuffed with themes".