jQuery Roundup: jquery-expander, Marco Polo, Manifest, CacheProvider

2011-09-20 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young
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The Expander Plugin (License: MIT and GPL) by Karl Swedberg can collapse part of an element's content and add 'read more' links. Truncation is based on
characters, and this can be changed along with many other things when
invoking the plugin:

  slicePoint: 100
, preserveWords: true
, expandText: 'read more'
, expandPrefix: '… '

Marco Polo

Marco Polo (License: MIT, demo) by Justin Stayton is an autocomplete plugin with some interesting features:

These features are documented in the Marco Polo
. This simple
example demonstrates how results can be obtained and formatted:

  url: '/users/search',
  formatItem: function(data, $item) {
    return data.first_name + ' ' + data.last_name;
  onSelect: function(data, $item) {
    window.location = data.profile_url;


Manifest (License: MIT, examples) also by Justin Stayton enhances text inputs so multiple items can be selected and
edited. The API is very consistent with Marco Polo, and Manifest can
take a marcoPolo object if autocomplete functionality is

  marcoPolo: {
    url: '/contacts/search',
    formatItem: function(data) {
      return '"' + data.name + '" (' + data.email + ')';

The author also points out how these plugins differ from the popular
Chosen plugin:

If you want to make a select element with a lot of options more user-friendly, use Chosen. If you can't reasonably list out every possible option (like all users in a system), or you need to allow arbitrary values (like new tags), use Manifest.


Felipe Abreu sent us a client-side caching library called
CacheProvider (License: MIT). He hasn't yet written a README, but the most of the methods in the CacheProvider

are nicely commented so it's easy to follow how it works.

It's a continuation of the JavaScript Cache
class by
Dustin Diaz. Like Diaz's class, CacheProvider will use
localStorage if available.