jQuery Roundup: jQuery.kinetic, jQuery.twinkle, jQuery.fracs

2011-08-09 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young
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jQuery.kinetic (GitHub: davetayls / jquery.kinetic, License:
MIT) by Dave Taylor is a plugin for creating iOS-style scrolling with acceleration. There's a demo of
, and basic usage
is as you'd expect:


It's possible to bind a function whenever the container moves:

  moved: function(state) {}

And the container can even be scrolled programmatically:

$(selector).kinetic('start', { velocity: -30 });


jQuery.twinkle (GitHub: lrsjng / jQuery.twinkle, License:
MIT) by Lars Jung creates gently glowing circles that can be used to draw the user's attention to a particular element or place on the page.


The demo that fires off twinkles in sequence is particularly cool:

var options = {
    "delay": 1000,
    "gap": 300,
    "effect": "drop"



jQuery.fracs (GitHub: lrsjng / jQuery.fracs, License: MIT)
also by Lars can be used to obtain the fraction of an element that's
currently in the viewport.


This jQuery.fracs demo neatly illustrates how this works.