Node Roundup: 0.5.3, Joyent Node Meetup, Reds

2011-08-03 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young
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Node 0.5.3

Node 0.5.3 is out, hot on the heels of 0.5.2. This version adds child_process
support for Windows. I also noticed Ryan Dahl post this to Twitter:

The remaning 52 tests that need to pass on #nodejs Windows gist.github.com/1119827 Want to help out? Fix one!

Joyent Node Meetup

The Node.js Meetup at Joyent: Distributed Web
will be held tomorrow:

This meetup will feature talks from Matt Ranney of Voxer, Curtis Chambers of Uber, and David Pacheco of Joyent. They will each describe their real-life applications and how they've used Node in it.

Please arrive by 6:00pm, speaking will start by 6:30pm.


Reds (GitHub: visionmedia / reds, License: MIT, npm: reds) by TJ Holowaychuk is a full-text search
library for Node:

I wrote reds with Kue in mind, a priority job queue for node. I wanted to add search capabilities so you can easily find jobs by any of the arbitrary data provided, names, emails, anything.

TJ notes that although Reds uses Redis, it could technically use any
data store. Word stemming is performed using Chris Umbel's
natural package.