jQuery Roundup: Chosen, jQuery.bulletGraph, ARIA Hackathon

2011-07-19 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young
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Chosen (GitHub: harvesthq / chosen, License: MIT) by
Patrick Filler for Harvest is a nice
little library for enhancing select boxes. Like many other similar
plugins, this one hides standard selects and provides an alternative
using modern HTML and CSS. That means it's possible to add behaviour
that standard selects don't support without losing support when
JavaScript is turned off.

The basic usage involves adding the plugin's source to your project and
then applying the chzn-select class to select boxes.

With other similar plugins I've found some browsers like Internet
Explorer can suffer from a very noticeable visual hiccup when the
selects are rendered. I haven't yet tested this one with a complex page
with lots of selects, but I'd be interested to see how well it performs.


jQuery.bulletGraph (GitHub: johdax / jQuery.bulletGraph) by
johdax helps render bullet
created by Stephen Few, which are "linear and no-frills" graphs for
"rich display of data in a small space".

// bulletgraph with custom ranges & range labels
  width: 200,
  height: 20,
  ranges: ['0%', '20%', '70%', '100%'],
  rangesLabels: ['low', 'medium', 'high'],
  sliderOptions: {
    disabled: true

It's always good to see graph libraries based on serious technical
design instead of whatever combination of shadows and gradients is
currently fashionable, so I'd bookmark this if you're looking for ways
to present data visually.

ARIA Hackathon Summary

The jQuery UI Blog has a post detailing the
ARIA Hackathon
which was an event designed to get jQuery UI developers and ARIA experts
together to work on jQuery UI accessibility. It sounds like the jQuery
UI keyboard accessibility is being improved.

If you're interested in jQuery UI and ARIA, I found the jQuery UI
page. If you want to read up on ARIA, there are a lot of resources at
the WAI-ARIA Overview.