Node Roundup: Branding, Hadoop Hive, node-googl

2011-07-13 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young
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New Node Branding

In Evolving the Node.js
Emily Tanaka-Delgado of Joyent discusses the reasoning behind the new
Node website and logo. The new logo initially attracted a mixed
response, but I'm sure it'll grow on us over time. Emily writes:

To echo Node’s evolutionary nature, we have refreshed the identity to help mark an exciting time for developers.

So perhaps it's fair to say this iteration of Node's logo is the
difficult second album?

Node Bindings for Hadoop Hive

node-hive (npm: node-hive) by Jae is a set of bindings for Hadoop Hive, a
data warehouse system for Hadoop:

var hive = require('node-hive').for({ server:"hive.myserver" });

hive.fetch("SELECT * FROM my_table", function(err, data) {
  data.each(function(record) {

Each query runs in its own connection. There's currently no connection
pooling, but the author notes that most users run a small number of long
running hive queries so it should work well enough for most people for


node-googl (npm: goo.gl) is a small client for shortening URLs using Google's service:

goo.gl www.google.com
goo.gl http://goo.gl/fbsS
goo.gl www.google.com http://goo.gl/fbsS nba.com

It can be used as a module as well:

var googl = require('goo.gl');

// Shorten a long url and output the result
googl.shorten('http://www.google.com/', function (shortUrl) {