Node Roundup: armory, imageable, spreadsheets

2011-06-22 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young


node-armory (npm: armory) by Christian Wesselhoeft is a library for accessing Blizzard's REST API
for World of Warcraft
. It can
fetch data about realm status, characters, guilds, arenas, items, and

Rather than messing around with lots of HTTP calls, this is now

var armory = require('armory');

armory.publicKey = 'publickey';
armory.privateKey = 'privatekey';

// Single character
armory.character('Dargonaut_Shadowmoon', function(err, character) {



node-imageable (npm: imageable) is Connect middleware for image manipulation. Given an image's URL, it can resize, fit, and crop it. It also has configuration
options for before/after event handlers, which could be used for
generating statistics or logging.

The actual image processing is down with good old ImageMagick. A wrapper
is used which just shells out with exec.

DaWanda, the company that made node-imageable, also offers
node-imageable-server which is a fully-featured Express app demonstrating the library.


node-spreadsheets (npm: spreadsheets) from EastCloud is a library for accessing Google Spreadsheets:

var authenticate = require("spreadsheets");

  Email: 'alex@example.com',
  Passwd: 'password'
}, function(err, spreadsheets) {
  spreadsheets.list(function(err, list) {
    var spreadsheet = list['spreadsheet key'];
    spreadsheet.worksheet(function(err, sheets) {
      // etc...

This library makes it possible to get and set values in spreadsheets,
and even change cell styles.