jQuery Roundup: 1.6.2 RC 1, jquery-lifestream, Better-Autocomplete

2011-06-21 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young

jQuery 1.6.2 RC 1

jQuery 1.6.2 RC 1 was
released last week. This version is a maintenance release, with bug
fixes for IE, and a long-standing animation
that I ran into recently.


jquery-lifestream (GitHub: christianv / jquery-lifestream,
License: CC Attribution 3.0 Unported) by Christian Vuerings displays a
list of activity for lots of social networks, including Twitter,
Last.fm, Pinboard, and GitHub. The author has even made a little tool
that can be used to create a

Usage is straightforward:

      "service": "github",
      "user": "christianv"
      "service": "twitter",
      "user": "denbuzze"


Better-Autocomplete (License MIT and GPL) by Didrik Nordström is an autocompletion plugin that supports searching arrays, objects, and remote JSON data out of the

var colors = [
      title: 'Red',
      description: 'The color of the heart.'

  'Yellow', // You can even mix real result objects with plain strings
    title: 'Green',
    description: 'If you look at your plants, they will likely be green.'

$('#color').betterAutocomplete('init', colors, { charLimit: 1 }, {
  select: function(result) {
    alert('You selected ' + result.title);

$('#geonames').betterAutocomplete('init', 'http://ws.geonames.org/searchJSON' // ...

It makes creating "rich" result sets quite easy -- try the colours

to see what I mean. This plugin also has

Although Better-Autocomplete only targets modern browsers and the author
admits IE support isn't a priority, it seems lean and well made.