jQuery Roundup: 1.6.1, Davis.js, diagonalFade

2011-05-17 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young

jQuery 1.6.1 Released

jQuery 1.6.1 was released last week which is
the version with the new .prop() method and changes to
.attr(). I've been talking about this in the Let's Make a
posts covering
element attribute reader implementations.


Davis.js (GitHub: olivernn / davis.js) by olivernn uses
history.pushState to create an Sinatra/Express-like API for
client-side apps:

var app = Davis(function () {
  this.get('/welcome/:name', function (req) {
    alert("Hello " + req.params['name'])


One interesting thing about this library is it has a plugin
which can be used to share routes
between applications. It also has an event API, which includes an
unsupported event for falling back in browsers that don't support pushState.


diagonalFade (GitHub: jonobr1 / diagonalFade, License: Apache 2.0) by Jono Brandel is a diagonal matrix fade effect
for jQuery. It's got quite a few options for configuring the effect:

  time: 100,
  fadeDirection_x: 'left-right', // "left-right" || "right-left"
  fadeDirection_y: 'top-bottom', // "top-bottom" || "bottom-top"
  fade: 'out',                   // "in" || "out"
  complete: null                 // callback function