jQuery Roundup: Instagram jQuery Plugin, jQuery.handleStorage, Morse.js

2011-05-10 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young

Instagram jQuery Plugin

Instagram jQuery plugin (GitHub: potomak / jquery-instagram) by
Giovanni Cappellotto uses the instagr.am API to
show a list of photos.

You'll need to provide a client ID to use it, but the Instagram API
explains how to do


jQuery.handleStorage (GPL) by Jason Gerfen provides a local storage database with AES support. Jason's example encrypts the data in a form:

$('#myForm').handleStorage({ storage:'cookie', aes:true });

This uses the Gibberish AES
library. It could be used without AES, however, and the plugin will use
local storage (if available), a session, or cookies.

A related commercial product is
1Password which includes a HTML/CSS/JavaScript viewer for encrypted passwords. The 1Password
application itself is for Windows, Mac OS, iOS or Android, but
interestingly their database files include a HTML viewer that can
decrypt saved passwords.

Update: Note that Jason has since replaced this project with secStore.js.


Ampersand by Nicholas Johnson is a small jQuery plugin for using Open Source
. This is a project to
provide high-quality single-character fonts.


Morse.js (GitHub: mattt / Morse.js, MIT License) by Mattt
Thompson transcribes morse code: \$('p').morseCode({ bpm:12