jQuery Roundup: jQuery 1.6, JsBloat, jQuery-URL-Parser, jQuery-Retina-Plugin

2011-05-03 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young

jQuery 1.6 Released

jQuery 1.6 is out and they're
already accepting proposals for

The jQuery documentation includes a section showing changes relevant to
1.6: new or changed in
. There are some
interesting additions:

JsBloat and jQuery

In jquery.com uses only 34% of

by Michael Bolin, the author explains how he used
JsBloat to track how much of jQuery is actually used on jquery.com. An ironic
example, but it's interesting to read the thinking behind it and
Michael's arguments for using the Closure


jQuery-URL-Parser (License) by Mark Perkins is a URI parser:

var url = $.url('http://allmarkedup.com/folder/dir/index.html?item=value');
url.attr('protocol'); // returns 'http'
url.attr('path'); // returns '/folder/dir/index.html'

It can also provide quick access to string parameters:

$.url('http://allmarkedup.com?sky=blue&grass=green').param('sky'); // returns 'blue'

I have a feeling people might want to use this for their own hash
fragment routing, which the plugin makes easy:

$.url('http://test.com/#sky=blue&grass=green').fparam('grass'); // returns 'green'


jQuery-Retina-Plugin automatically loads high resolution images if a device has Apple's
retina display.

$(function() {
  $('.retina').retina({'retina-suffix': '@2x'});

It determines this based on window.devicePixelRatio, so it
should work with other high density displays (if the device and browser
sets devicePixelRatio).