Node Roundup: Nedis, Redisify, Node on iOS

2011-04-20 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young

Node v0.4.6

Node v0.4.6 was released last week. v8
has been updated to, which reminded me -- you can track v8
releases at Google Code's v8
. Amongst
other things there's a full v8

which may be of interest.


Nedis (MIT License, npm: nedis) by TJ Holowaychuk is a Redis server implemented with Node. TJ has posted some benchmarks of it:

nedis: ops 25048, per second 5009.6
redis: ops 54850, per second 10970

nedis: ops 32729, per second 6545.8
redis: ops 54714, per second 10942.8

... although he says he built this for fun. He's written a blog post with more details: Redis Implemented With

and mentions the background of the project:

[...] however as our team grows larger, and as we add more non-technical team members over at LearnBoost I figured it would be nice help prevent the need for compiling development dependencies.


Redisify (MIT License, npm: redisify) by Jonah Fox adds Redis capaibilites to objects:

var User = {
  key: "Users"

User.redis = redisify(client);

User.redis('get', 'xx', function(val) {
  // redis "get Users:xx"
  // User == this

This method could actually be named anything -- one of Jonah's examples
refers to it as db which reads well. He's written a blog post about
the library: Redisfy your

Node on iOS

I saw this blog post by Nathan Rajlich called NodeJS on
. He's started
node-iOS which is an effort to bring native iOS bindings to Node. You'll require a jailbroken iPhone
to use this, but as someone who does a fair bit of Objective-C I find
this very interesting.