jQuery Roundup: Easie, jquery-qrcode, tmpload

2011-04-12 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young


jquery.easie.js (GitHub: jaukia / easie) by Janne Aukia provides
CSS3-compatible cubic-Bézier easings for jQuery:

$('selector').animate({ top: 100 }, $.easie(0.25,0.1,0.25,1.0));

There are also predefined easings, with names like easieEaseIn. The
easie project page has animated examples of these, with an interactive graphical Bézier curve for
changing the parameters.


jquery-qrcode (GitHub: jeromeetienne / jquery-qrcode) by
Jerome Etienne generates HTML-based qrcodes, which means they should
show up on practically any browser without depending on any server-side
image generation.

Like all good jQuery plugins, it's extremely easy to use:

jquery('#qrcode').qrcode('this plugin is great');


tmpload (GitHub: markdalgleish / tmpload) by Mark Dalgleish can load and cache templates intelligently.

Downloading a remote template looks like this:

$.tmpload('search', 'path/to/search.tmpl');

And I thought this deferred
was neat:

).then(function(tmpl, data){
  $.tmpl(tmpl, data).appendTo('#target');