jQuery Roundup: jQuery UI 1.8.11, jCheck, TufteGraph, Firefox 4

2011-03-22 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young

jQuery UI 1.8.11

jQuery UI 1.8.11 is out, and it's a maintenance release. There are fixes for Accordion,
Autocomplete, Button, Datepicker, Draggable, Droppable, Mouse, Sortable,
and Effects.

Read the 1.8.11 summary.


jCheck (GitHub: wilkerlucio / jcheck, Apache 2.0 License) by
Wilker Lúcio is a jQuery validation library that is modelled on the
standard Rails validators: validates_acceptance_of,
validates_presence_of and others are available. The
author has also created
jcheck_rails which adds support to Rails 3.

The client-side API looks like this:

$(function() {
  var v = $('#contact-form').jcheck();
  v.validates('name', 'message', { presence: true });
  v.validates('email', { format: { 'with': 'email', message: 'is not a valid email address' }});
  v.validates('message', { length: { minimum: 20, maximum: 255 }});

Even if you're not using Rails I think the API is friendly and worth


TufteGraph (GitHub: xaviershay / tufte-graph, MIT License) by Xavier Shay is a great charting library which uses
functions for configuration options and CSS for styling.

It requires the jQuery enumerable plugin and Raphael. There are some
integration tests
which demonstrate the library's potential.

Firefox 4

Meanwhile, Firefox 4 is out
, which has a more
refined interface, better JavaScript performance with JägerMonkey, and
hardware acceleration. Mozilla also posted
Glow, a visualistion of Firefox 4's downloads.