Node Roundup: How To Module, Node Event Loops, The Node Ahead, Connect 1.0

2011-03-02 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young

Prepare your favourite Instapaper/Read It Later client for a whole bunch
of Node articles!

How To Module

How To Module by Isaac Z. Schlueter (the npm guy!) is a detailed article about writing a Node
module. It includes advice on npm, README, version control, testing,
bindings, libraries, and a lot more. It covers the entire project
lifecycle, so if you're itching to release something but are fairly new
to Node I recommending reading it.

Understanding the Node.js Event Loop

Understanding the node.js event loop
by Mixu is an introduction to Node's event loop. It's the kind of thing
that I like to bookmark the next time a potential client or boss asks,
"why Node?"

Having asynchronous I/O is good, because I/O is more expensive than most code and we should be doing something better than just waiting for I/O.

The Node Ahead

In The Node Ahead: JavaScript leaps from browser into
The Register author Cade Metz discusses the history of Node, from its inception to subsequent success.

The overarching point, however, is that Node is optimal for the new breed of real-time web apps. Yes, there are other means of building real-time tools, but Node lets you build real-time tools on the same platform that runs the rest of your site.

The article cites open source favourites LearnBoost, and Joyent's
upcoming cloud services.

Connect 1.0

Meanwhile in the last week, TJ Holowaychuk released Connect
which works with Node 0.4.x.