Node Roundup: bigint, mingy, kyoto-client, Blagovest's NPM Search

2011-02-16 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young


bigint by James Halliday is an arbitrary precision arithmetic library for Node. Large integers can
be defined with strings, then manipulated with the library's methods:

var bigint = require('bigint');

var b = bigint('782910138827292261791972728324982')

Note that there's also a destroy method:

Destroy a bigint. This module is using node-ffi so I can't hook onto the GC easily. You only need to call this if you're creating bigints in a loop.

Other methods include rand, pow, and more.
This library can be installed with npm install bigint.

I actually have some experience in working with arbitrary precision
arithmetic from back in my university days -- I wrote a distributed
fractal generator with various numerical libraries. In Ada... This
sounds like a lot more fun!


I like writing CLI stuff, so I thought
Mingy by Mike Cantelon sounded pretty cool. He describes it as a "cheap and cheerful command
parser/server for node.js", perfect for creating command-line tools,
text adventure games, and even MUDs.

It can run as a server (hence the MUD reference), copes with multiple
users, includes validation support, and even has Expresso tests.


kyoto-client (GitHub: wezm / kyoto-client, BSD License) by
Wesley Moore is a Kyoto Tycoon client
library. Kyoto Tycoon is a lightweight database server, from FAL Labs,
who also created the older Tokyo Cabinet key value database.

The kyoto-client module has some good documentation on the site and
seems straightforward to use. It can be installed with npm install

Blagovest's NPM Search

Blagovest's NPM Search by Blagovest Dachev is a convenient (and fast) way to browse npm. In fact, it's
exactly the kind of thing I need to find things to write about for
DailyJS. Thanks Blagovest!