Node Roundup: Node 0.4, Stylus, Ringo 0.7

2011-02-02 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young

Welcome to the Node Roundup. Send in your apps and libraries using our
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Move Code to 0.3: Node 0.4 Coming Soon

In Move Code to

on the nodejs group, Ryan Dahl recently suggested that people move code
to Node 0.3 as the next stable branch, 0.4, will be released in the next
week. Exciting times!


Stylus is yet another interesting product from LearnBoost and TJ Holowaychuk that aims to
revolutionise CSS generation. It's currently available through npm, and
can be installed with npm install stylus.

The language dramatically cuts down the amount of syntax required by
CSS, and is really what I thought LESS would be
when I first heard about it.

Almost everything is optional, including property colons, and it
supports conditionals, mixins, variables, interpolation, imports,
iteration, nested selectors, and more. TJ has already made a screencast
demonstrating the language: Stylus screencast.
It's definitely easy to see the evolution from Jade to Stylus, and I
think they'll be a joy to use together.

I also noticed TJ wrote
inspect recently, which can iterate over objects and display a hierarchy of associated properties.

Ringo 0.7

I know this is the Node roundup, but sometimes I wonder if it would be
better to name it the Server Side Roundup. Anyway, Ringo
has been released, with some
interesting new changes:

There are a lot more changes in the 0.7 release notes on the Ringo