Node Roundup: Node 0.3.5, express-on-railway, drty, NodeFu, maptail, Minotaur

2011-01-19 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young

Welcome to the Node Roundup. Send in your apps and libraries using our
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Please prepare yourself for a rapid-fire burst of Node news.

Node 0.3.5 Released

Node 0.3.5
has been released. The documentation is available at
docs/v0.3.5/api and the source is here: node-v0.3.5.tar.gz.

See the announcement for the full list of updates.


express-on-railway brings Rails-like features to Express. There's a command line tool,
railway, for creating new projects with a very familiar
layout. RESTful routes can be easily set up, and there's a neat little
model system based on Redis.

It seems like an ambitious project, and if you're familiar with the
style of Rails it should be pretty easy to pick up.


drty is a Django port for Node. It currently works with MySQL, and has routing, middleware, views, models,
sessions, and Django templating support. There's a blog
in the
example directory.

I saw drty mentioned on Ryan Dahl's Twitter account: @ryah: This looks


I've been looking at NodeFu, a Node-oriented
hosting platform. It's npm-friendly and deploys with git (like Heroku
and Joyent's Node SmartMachines). It's currently free to try out, just
follow the instructions on the site: NodeFu REST

We do not currently have a full featured website as we are focusing on the API and the service. We are currently running Node v.0.3.5 and updating all NPM modules on a weekly basis. Git is required to push your updates to Nodefu. All we ask is that you be a good steward of our service and community.


maptail by George Stagas is a Node app that can plot IP address accesses on a map. There's a demo at
live.stagas.com. It has cool graphics, which is of course why I featured it, but it also seems to be handling Hacker
News traffic very well.


Minotaur (MIT X11 License) by Tomi is a long poll server that uses JSONP for communication. It comes
with a simple chat client/server example app. The Node dependencies are
fairly minimal: node-uuid, and cookie-node. The client-side uses jQuery
and jquery-jsonp.

If you're interested in seeing how the client might poll, take a look at
minitaur.js. The author has written a post about the project here: Tales of the
minotaur or long polling with