jQuery Roundup: jQuery 1.5, BigText, View, jKey, Jail

2011-01-18 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young

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jQuery 1.5 Beta 1

jQuery 1.5 Beta 1 has
been released. The changes mainly centre around the Ajax

because it has been rewritten, but I also thought
jQuery.subclass was worth mentioning.


BigText (GitHub: zachleat / BigText) by Zach Leatherman calculates the font size and word spacing required to
fit text to a given width. It's easier to understand the features by
checking out the BigText demo.

It works like this:

For each line, it increments first by 16em until it detects a line break, backs off an interval then increments by 8em. It continues with 4em, 2em, 1em, 0.1em, until it finds the correct font-size to the nearest hundredth of an em.

jQuery View

jQuery View (GitHub: syntacticx / viewjs, MIT and GPL) by Ryan
Johnson is a class and inheritance plugin for templates. This can result
in some interesting opportunities for code reuse when combined with
something like Backbone.js: the Backbone to-do app example by Jérôme
Gravel-Niquet has been ported as a jQuery View
with annotated

The View guide is probably the best way to
get started with the library.


jKey by Oscar Godson makes keyboard shortcut handling much easier, for example:

$(window).jkey('alt+d', function() {
  // Callback

$(window).jkey('w, up',function() {
  // w OR up

There's an interactive example in the jKey


Jail (GitHub: sebarmeli / JAIL, MIT) by Sebastiano Armeli-Battana is an asynchronous image loader:

Selected images will be downloaded after the document is ready not blocking the page to render elements in your page. Images can be loaded after an event is triggered (like clicking on a link, mouseovering on some elements, scrolling up/down) or after some delay.

The author's recommendation is to use an img tag with small
images in combination with a noscript tag like this:

This approach can be seen in the Jail

I'm not sure if using the name attribute this way
constitutes an unacceptable abuse to enthusiastic spec zealots, but the
plugin source is readable so it could be modified to suit other