jQuery Roundup: Touchable, BetterGrow, Rotate and Fly

2011-01-04 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young

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Touchable (Simplified BSD License)
by Gregor Schwab is a small plugin that unifies touch and mouse events
across platforms. Elements must be initialized with
Touchable or Hoverable first, then the unified
events can be used:

var element = $('selector').Touchable();
element.bind('touchmove', function(e, touch) {
  // Do something

There's a
demo that shows the basic features and long taps.


This is one of those things that I've had to write myself:
BetterGrow (GitHub: theproductguy /
demo) by Jeremy Horn will resize textareas as users type. It's a very simple


BetterGrow supports options for initial_height,
on_enter (callback), and do_not_enter
(explained in the BetterGrow blog post).

Rotate and Fly

In Rotate and Fly off elements with jQuery and

by Sarfraz Ahmed, the author discusses how to use CSS3 animations with
jQuery. I expected to be able to do something like this:

$('selector').animate({ WebkitTransform: 'rotate(360deg)' }, 1000);

But this isn't currently possible. Sarfraz's technique uses
setInterval and \$().css() to set each
proprietary CSS property (MozTransform, WebkitTransform, and transform).