jQuery Roundup

2010-12-21 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young

Welcome to the jQuery roundup 37. You can send your plugins and articles
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FullCalendar (GitHub: arshaw / fullcalendar, GPL/MIT Dual
License) by Adam Shaw is an incredibly elaborate jQuery calendar plugin.

It reminds me of Google's calendar, but he's also got a jQuery UI
themed demo
shows a calendar with a theme. It doesn't support editing, but it would
be possible to add support using the events, which are listed in
FullCalendar's documentation.

Even better, the project comes with
tests and a Makefile! It's not often I come across jQuery plugins that are packaged this well,
believe me.


Capty (GitHub: wbotelhos / capty, MIT License) by Washington
Botelho is a little plugin that displays a caption over an image based
on the alt attribute:


If the image has a name attribute with a selector, it'll
use the selector for the caption's content (see the A custom caption
with a external content

The author has more interesting plugins on his GitHub account,
wbotelhos. In particular the Wizard plugin caught my eye, which I
thought was something to do with incredible magical powers, but it's
actually just for making multi-stage form wizards.

Absolution Updates

Michaƫl Vanderheeren has been working on his
Absolution jQuery UI theme. This theme uses CSS3, and has some interesting demos:

He's been making a lot of small tweaks lately so it uses more CSS3 and
looks cleaner than before.

This is one of the themes I previously covered in a general jQuery UI