jQuery Roundup

2010-11-30 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young

Welcome to the jQuery roundup 34. You can send your plugins and articles
in for review through our contact form or

London Ajax Meetup

The next London Ajax Meetup will be
on Tuesday December 14th. The talks are on YUI, ExtJS, jQuery UI, and

If you've got a jQuery-related event planned, let me

jQuery UI Updates

This month saw the release of jQuery UI
which adds
support for jQuery 1.4.3 and IE 9, as well as a whole bunch of bug

jQuery UI 1.9 Milestone 3
was also released, which adds a new Spinner widget:

A spinner is a simple widget that allows users to increment or decrement the current text box value without having to input it manually. Increments do not have to be whole numbers — they can be set to decimal values (0.1) or large increments (5) for each click.

The Accordion
has also
been redesigned. It removes some options in favour of alternatives, and
it makes the API a little bit cleaner and more consistent.


Slides Logo

Slides (GitHub: nathansearles / Slides, Apache license) is
another slideshow plugin for jQuery. Like most modern sliding image
plugins, this one uses simple markup to represent the gallery, then uses
a simple call, \$('#element').slides() to set everything

Slides has some useful features like image preloading and pagination,
and a boatload of customisation options for controlling things like
transition effects.

Snowfall Plugin

It's snowing in the UK and I noticed this animated Snowfall

by Jason Brown, so I thought I'd include it to be festive. The
snowflakes are actually divs, imagine that!