jQuery Roundup

2010-11-16 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young

Welcome to the jQuery roundup 32. You can send your plugins and articles
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jQuery 1.4.4

Have you noticed that jQuery has been moving like a juggernaut recently?
1.4.4 was released a few days ago, hot on the heels of 1.4.3, and they're
already talking about 1.5. This update adds a new animation method
called .fadeToggle, and about 25
bug fixes.

I forgot to mention that return false has changed in jquery
This post by Neeraj Singh discusses the changing significance of
returning false from event handlers in detail.

jQuery 1.5 Feature Nomination

I noticed this tweet by
saying they're looking for jQuery 1.5 feature ideas, and you can contribute
using this Google spreadsheet. If you've got
something to say, let them know!


I can't keep track of the amount of jQuery placeholder plugins now. I
was working on some code the other day for one of my web apps that uses
the new HTML5 search input type, with the placeholder attribute. It's
pretty amazing in WebKit, and it really worked well with the app's clean
Mac-like design. Of course, no other browser wanted to play ball. That
meant I had to code a quick JavaScript patch using
Modernizr. I didn't use a placeholder plugin just because I wanted to remember how laughably simple it is to
do anyway.

So why would you bother with
Placeholder-jQuery-Plugin, by Mathias Bynens? Well, it works in most browsers, including IE6.
That'll keep the corporate stooges happy. It also correctly identifies
browsers that have partial placeholder support, like Safari 4. That
means Bynens has raised the bar on this deceptively simple problem.


jSignature by Brinley Ang, released under the MIT License, makes it possible to accept signatures
in forms. Signatures in the literal sense; a little image that you draw.
There's a corresponding jSignature
with examples and demos.