Node Roundup

2010-11-10 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young

Welcome to the Node Roundup. Send in your apps and libraries using our
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There's quite a lot of commercial activity around Node lately. This post
includes details on a book started by a Yahoo! employee in association
with O'Reilly, open source contributions from LearnBoost, and Joyent
hiring full-time Node developers.

A Node.js Book Project

Tom Hughes-Croucher, Technology Evangelist at Yahoo!, announced a Node
book in association with O'Reilly Media, called Up and Running With
. There's a preview PDF available. For more information, see his
blog post, Announcing a Node.js Book

Server side HTML5 canvas API

LearnBoost are continuing to make some amazing open source
contributions, this time in the form of
node-canvas. This is a server-side Canvas API that you can use to generate images.
That opens up a lot of possibilities given how many great JavaScript
libraries generate images on Canvas, like graph libraries.

The library is available on GitHub /
and is MIT
licensed. It uses Cairo to generate graphics.

Joyent and Node

In Joyent and

Ryan Dahl talks about the growth of Node and building up a team of
full-time development to better compete with other languages and

Some of the replies voiced concerns about the ownership of Node and
relationship between the community and a partly commercial project.
Micheil Smith made a good point that calmed some of the concerns about
"Joyent" appearing on the contributor agreement:

The CLA has been in place for the last few months, all that has changed is now instead of transferring your IP and such to Ryan Dahl, you are now transferring them to Joyent, the text of the CLA is the same otherwise.

The debate is interesting and worth reading if you're using Node for
major projects. Overall it sounds positive to me, and I'm looking
forward to seeing what happens over the next few months as Joyent invest
more into it.