jQuery Roundup

2010-11-02 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young

Welcome to the jQuery Roundup 30. You can send your plugins and articles
in for review through our contact form or

I go through a lot of jQuery plugins every week. Most plugins are thrown
onto a dodgy WordPress blog as a zip file (and sometimes even rar). If
you're distributing plugins, please consider the following:

And then I won't get grumpy and think your plugin looks unprofessional.


jTweetsAnywhere (MIT license) by Thomas Billenstein is a nice little Twitter library for
displaying real-time updates. It can read a user's tweets, lists, or a

There's a demo
that links to
several different examples.


I noticed
todos.js by Jérôme Gravel-Niquet, which uses jQuery and Backbone.js.

The code for todos.js is presented in a really cool way, with commentary
on the left and code on the right. A version of the code is running
here: todos.js

jQuery Masonry

jQuery Masonry (MIT license) by David DeSandro is a layout plugin that can position floats
in an evenly spaced grid. DeSandro has quite a collection of resources
to go with the plugin, including frequently asked
issues, and documentation.