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2010-10-27 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young

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Node 0.2.4

Node 0.2.4 was released
on Sunday. This version includes:

Download it from
nodejs.org, and for 0.2.4-specific documentation bookmark this:


Ncurses is something of a nemesis of mine. Working with Ncurses is
probably the least fun I've ever had programming, and I've written a
fair bit of Ada in my time. Last week I mentioned Node FFI, which made
me wonder if anyone would knock up a quick Ncurses binding, but then I
found an existing one called

Ncurses refers to "New Curses", it's an emulation layer for curses that
uses Terminfo and a bunch of other stuff so you can make text-based
interfaces. If you've ever used mutt, irssi, or lynx you'll know what I

The author has documented the entire API in the readme, it looks a lot
like C Ncurses from what I remember of it. The examples demonstrate the

var nc = require('../ncurses'), consts = require('../ncconsts');

var win = new nc.ncWindow();
win.print("Max number of colors supported by this terminal == " + win.numColors + "\n");
win.print("Max number of color pairs supported by this terminal == " + win.maxColorPairs + "\n\n");
win.print("White on black\n");

You might think I'm joking about Ncurses being my nemesis, but every
time I run the node-ncurses examples I get kernel

The author Brian has a blog where he writes about Node, so you may like
to check it out: mscdex.net


Wilson by Chris Dickinson is a Django-style Node framework. There's an example
that uses
postgres and
documentation at readthedocs.org. If you look at Dickinson's other
you can see he's created
quite a few that draw on ideas from Django.