Node Roundup

2010-10-13 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young

Welcome to the Node Roundup. Send in your apps and libraries using our
contact form or @dailyjs.


NodeCasts.org has a screencast about Node by Emerson Macedo, hosted on YouTube with 720p available. He has a Twitter
account at @NodeCasts where you can
request topics for future casts.


Have you been playing Minecraft? One
of my Minecraft buddies found
Nodecraft by Jeremy Apthorp. It's not intended for general use yet, but there's some interesting
JavaScript in there, like
protocol.js. You can see stuff like the server packet structure:

var serverPacketStructure = {
    0x00: [],
    0x01: [int('playerID'), str('serverName'), str('motd')],
    0x02: [str('serverID')],
    0x03: [str('message')],
    0x04: [long('time')],
    0x05: [int('invType'), items('items')],
    0x06: [int('x'), int('y'), int('z')],
    0x0d: [double('x'), double('y'), double('stance'), double('z'),
           float('rotation'), float('pitch'), bool('flying')],

I have a feeling Node would be a pretty good platform for a game server.
I don't know if Apthorp intends to keep working on this, but it's still
interesting to look at what he's done so far.


Tempalias (MIT) by Philip Hofstetter is a Node app for generating temporary email addresses. It's
actually used by tempalias.com.

The frontend code is pure HTML/CSS/JavasScript using Sammy for the interesting part of the logic. You will find that in public/*. The beef of the code lies in the SMTP proxy (lib/tempalias_smtp.js) and in the model class representing an alias (lib/tempalias.js). Static webpages are served by the web server (lib/tempalias_http.js) using node-paperboy which is - as are all other dependencies - located in deps/ as a git submodule.

It's been around for a while, but it looks like it's still alive. It's
one to file under your 'full node app' bookmarks.