jQuery Roundup: UI

2010-09-21 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young

Welcome to the jQuery Plugin Roundup 24. You can send your plugins in
for review through our contact form or

In this week's jQuery Roundup I'm going to review some of my favourite
jQuery UI themes and related extensions.

jQuery UI

If you're not familiar with jQuery UI, it's a
collection of useful abstractions for animations and themeable widgets.
The APIs for each component are consistent and easy to learn.

jQuery UI is split into interactions, widgets, and effects. Interactions
include things like a drag and drop API, which can be combined with most
interface elements to give your application an intuitive feel. Widgets
are high-level, with a nice
Datepicker and tabs. The effects APIs will be familiar to those of you schooled in Scriptaculous.

The jQuery UI design and planning wiki has
a status for current and planned work. There are many useful things in
the planning stage, in particular the tree
and even a data


Aristo by Tait Brown (demo) is a
theme based on Cappuccino's theme. The look
and feel is best described as Mac-like, and you can get great results
with little effort.

It's licensed under Attribution-ShareAlike
which allows you
to remix and share the work. You must attribute the theme, and it's
distributed under permission from 280 North and Pinvoke.


Absolution by Michaƫl Vanderheeren (demo) is
another jQuery theme that attempts to go beyond the defaults provided by
jQuery UI. The author actively updates the
repository (as do the Aristo developers).


We've covered Uniform before,
and it's not specifically for jQuery UI, but it works well in
combination with it. Uniform replaces standard form controls with themed
ones which work like real controls but are cross-browser (and arguably
look better).