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2010-09-08 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young

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jsdom + jQuery in 5 lines with node.js

In jsdom + jQuery in 5 lines with
Charlie Robbins demonstrates how to create a simple screen scraping
script with Node. I really like this because I have to write a lot of
screen scrapers, and seeing as my brain seems to like jQuery and Node it
might be the way forward for my next project.

It's pretty simple really, he uses jsdom to get jQuery behaving. I tried
to do this a few months ago but ran into problems, so I was excited to
see this article.

Node in WebOS

I'm late posting about this even though I was very encouraged to see the
news that webOS 2.0 will get Node. Some basic details can be found in
Palm's developer overview of webOS 2.0: Roll your own services with

The popular Node.js runtime environment is built into webOS 2.0, which means that you can now develop not just webOS apps but also services in JavaScript.

My first thought was, "where can I get an unlocked Palm device"? But
seeing as I juggle an iPhone and Android phone for development reasons,
I may just wait until this comes out (and new devices).

Future Node Conferences

I noticed this post on the nodejs
-- NodeCon

-- I thought it was interesting because list regulars like Timothy Caswell were enthusiastic about it. It might be worth keeping your ears
to the ground in case that event materialises.

If you're organising a Node conference let me know and I'll promote it
on DailyJS for you.