jQuery Roundup

2010-08-31 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young

Welcome to the jQuery Plugin Roundup 21. You can send your plugins in
for review through our contact form or


I go through phases when I have a lot of fun with photography and get
really creative, so I was looking for a way to package up photo sets and
display them on my own site.
jquery-flickr-plugin by Mickael Blatiere (MIT License) is a great way to display Flickr photos
-- check out the third demo.

Setting it up is pretty easy:

$(function() {
    user_id: '##USER_ID##',
    api_key: '##API_KEY##',

Another popular related plugin is Galleria
(the fullscreen demos
are interesting).


jquery-bitly-plugin by Victor Gumayunov lets you access Bitly through jQuery. This looks
similar to the bitly JavaScript

but has a more jQuery-style API:

var b = new jQuery.Bitly({ login: 'LOGIN', key: 'KEY' });
b.shorten('http://google.com', function(short_url) { console.debug(short_url)});


JOSHUA (or jQuery Operating System, HUA! is an amusing artefact I found while searching GitHub. It's a web-based command line interface by Alexander Støver. It's not a jQuery plugin, and it's not fundamentally useful, but it's fun to play with)

Making Joshua has been (and still is) a fun challenge for me. Although in all honesty it's pretty much the most awkward way to navigate a website ever perceived. But then again; Mouseclicking is so 90's.

Try it out here: JOSHUA