JavaScript Developer Survey Results

2009-12-02 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young

Our JavaScript developer survey has now closed. We had 151 responses in

Downloads of the results are available here:


We found that 68% of respondents do not currently unit test their
JavaScript. We'll write a few tutorials on this subject soon in case
people are finding it hard to get started with testing.

Those that unit tested preferred newer frameworks like RSpec and
Screw.Unit. It's worth noting that these are projects that Ruby
programmers will be familiar with, and 76% of respondents selected Ruby
as a primary development language.

Minifiers were also popular, with YUI Compressor scoring 67%.

GitHub was cited as the primary choice for project discovery, beating
even reddit and Hacker
. GitHub was also the most popular
code hosting site.

37% of respondents use Google for hosting libraries. Amazon
and Rackspace's Cloud
also mentioned.

v8 won in the server-side/desktop scripting category. I find this
interesting because Rhino was "traditionally" the way people seemed to
do this. It could be just that our readers are awesomely up to date!