jQuery Plugin Roundup 14

2010-07-06 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young

Welcome to the jQuery Plugin Roundup, episode 14. Remember you can send
your plugins in for review through our contact form or

The average day can take me from Objective-C to Ruby, then to
server-side JavaScript and perhaps even into Photoshop for some design
work. Being a freelancer keeps my work incredibly varied. But... I've
actually been working with jQuery a lot lately!

Supersized 2.0

Supersized 2.0 by Sam Dunn resizes images to fit the browser window, and can show modern
transition and loading effects. It's packaged with some example files
that despite having .php extensions seem more like plain HTML. The
images Supersized ships with look cool, so it might be a nice quick
start if you need this kind of functionality on a project.

$.fn.supersized.options = {
  startwidth: 640,
  startheight: 480,
  vertical_center: 1,
  slideshow: 1,
  navigation: 1,
  transition: 1,
  pause_hover: 0,
  slide_counter: 1,
  slide_captions: 1,
  slide_interval: 3000

Ajax Retry

I haven't tested
jquery-ajax-retry (MIT License) by execjosh, but I like the idea. It attempts to retransmit a
request when it fails. The requests are spaced out until a certain
number have been sent. It might work well for certain classes of mobile
web apps.

Internationalised Calendars

I thought e-calendar (MIT
License) was interesting, it displays a Chinese
. It reminded me
of my recent work adding I18n support to an app, which was nearly three
weeks of solid work.

jQuery Calendars Datepicker (GPL or MIT) by
Keith Wood supports a whole load of calendars. You can even select a
Mayan calendar, but it doesn't have an Easter Egg for selecting 2012.

Other calendar plugins sometimes support internationalization, and
hopefully browser manufacturers won't botch the HTML 5 date picker.

I'll have to write a calendar picker roundup at some point -- jQuery
alone has a huge selection available.