Node Roundup: no-sequence, CodeOnMobile, app-notify

2015-01-07 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young


If you've got a corporate policy for enforcing strong passwords, then you might want to look at what npm modules can help validate passwords rather than rolling your own. Eric Douglas sent in no-sequence (GitHub: thothJS/no-sequence, which checks to ensure passwords do not contain sequential characters:

var noSequence = require('no-sequence').checkSequence;
var assert = require('assert');
var password = '123456';
var minSize = 6;

assert.equal(noSequence(password, minSize), false);

The repository has examples and tests which show it working with character sequences and minimum and maximum sizes.


Daishi Kato has been working on a new project that allows you to write code on phones and tablets. He notes that this is good for holiday hacking, when you're stranded without a desktop/laptop.


It works with GitHub accounts, and there's a live demo here: codeonmobile.axlight.com. The source is available at GitHub under dai-shi/codeonmobile with a BSD license, and uses Codeship to deploy your app to Heroku.


app-notify (GitHub: chovy/app-notify, License: ISC, npm: app-notify) by Anthony Ettinger is a module for sending SMS messages. You can use promises, or callbacks:

  message: 'Hello world'

It requires Twilio credentials for SMS, and can also send email (with nodemailer).