Node Roundup: Eskimo, Serve-Me, Google BigQuery and Cloud Pub/Sub

2014-11-12 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young



Eskimo (GitHub: niftylettuce/eskimo, License: MIT, npm: eskimo) by niftylettuce is a framework for Node web applications. It has a command-line tool that is used to manage projects, known as igloos. You can add new models, views, and controllers, or create all three with mvc.

Once you've installed Eskimo with npm, you can generate a new app with eskimo create projectname. Projects use Express, the electrolyte dependency injection module, Redis, and MongoDB. You'll need to run npm install from the freshly created project to get the dependencies required for running the tests.

The authors have put sensible commands in package.json for npm start and npm test, so it works like most Node web applications. It also has a Vagrant file, so you should be able to test out deploying your applications without too much hassle.

Initially the documentation made me think it was an alternative to Yeoman, but it's actually an MVC web framework based on Express. The documentation and examples currently need expanding, but I found some cool tutorials on niftylettuce's blog.


Serve-Me (GitHub: muit/serveMe, License: MIT, npm: serve-me) by Muitxer is a small web framework that's a bit like a mix of a static server and Sinatra. You can quickly configure it serve static pages, then add server-side route handlers with ServeMe.Routes.add('name', fn). The function has to return a string, which is why it's more like Sinatra than Express.

The reason I liked Serve-Me is it has no dependencies -- the author has used Node's core modules for everything. The source is quite short, so you might find it interesting if you're learning Node's core modules.

Google Cloud Platform Updates

Google's Cloud Platform Node module now has support for BigQuery and Cloud Pub/Sub. I read about this on Jonathan Beri's Google+ account:

gcloud-node, the Google Cloud Client Library for Node.js, has added support for BigQuery and Cloud Pub/Sub. These Cloud APIs join Cloud Datastore and Cloud Storage. Grab it with 'npm install --save gcloud' or check out the source on GitHub.

The module is available at GoogleCloudPlatform/gcloud-node on GitHub. There's a full TodoMVC example that demonstrates some of the module's features.