Node Roundup: V8 Vulnerability, git-promise, awesome-nodejs

2014-08-06 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young

V8 Memory Corruption

The versions of V8 included with Node 0.8 and 0.10 were found to have a memory corruption vulnerability. The issue was discovered by a security specialist, and then a core Node contributor worked with the V8 team to fix the problem. More details can be found in the V8 Memory Corruption and Stack Overflow post on the Node blog.

That means Node 0.8.28 and Node 0.10.30 have been released which both include a fix. 0.10.30 also has some changes to several core modules, including buffer, streams, and child process.


git-promise (GitHub: piuccio / git-promise, License: MIT, npm: git-promise) by Fabio Crisci is a promise-based wrapper for Git:

var git = require('git-promise');

git('rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD').then(function(branch) {
  console.log(branch); // This is your current branch

The readme has more advanced examples, like finding the commit where master diverged from your current branch. Fabio has included some tests written with nodeunit.


Sindre Sorhus sent in awesome-nodejs, a curated list of Node modules and resources. It's a handy list to check if you're looking for a module and are overwhelmed by choice, or not sure where to start on a topic.

There's also an awesome list of awesome lists, which leads to awesome-javascript, and then back again.