jQuery Plugin Roundup 7: truncate, Text-to-Speech

2010-04-20 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young

Welcome to the jQuery Plugin Roundup, episode 7. Remember you can send
your plugins in for review through our contact form or


jquery-text-truncate truncates text based on the rendered width rather than character count.
Usage looks like this:


The element's parent block is used as the source for the maximum width.
This can be changed by passing a width option.

jQuery Text-to-Speech

jQuery Text-to-Speech by Kevin Hoang Le is a new plugin that converts text to speech using Google Translate's
audio rendering API, and a bundled Flash file to play the audio.

It's easy to use:

var jtts = $('#jtts');
    elem: '#embedPlayer',
    jPlayer: {
        customCssIds: true,
        swfPath: '/media/swf/'

jtts.play(['Welcome to DailyJS']).bind('onComplete', function() {
  // Called after the audio has been played

For a live demo, the author has created Voice-enabled Weather and
Traffic Report
. His
blog post
has more details.