8 Bit Procedural Sound Generation, Flappy Bird 2

2014-03-04 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young

8 Bit Procedural Sound Generation

8 Bit Procedural Sound

8 Bit Procedural Sound Generation by Jerome Etienne is a post about generating sounds using jsfx. Jerome's demo shows visualisations for sounds that might be useful in a game.

He also introduces the webaudiox WebAudio API helpers, which includes methods for converting from byte arrays to floating point numbers.

Flappy Bird 2

Thomas Palef sent in part 2 of his Flappy Bird tutorial:

In the last HTML5 tutorial we did a simple Flappy Bird clone. It was nice, but quite boring to play. We will see in this post how to add animations and sounds to our Flappy Bird clone. These won't change the game's mechanics, but the game will feel a lot more interesting.

There's also an article about his experiences on the IndieGames.com blog.

I think games are an interesting way of teaching full stack development -- if you can hook a game like this up to a server-side Node project that stores player details, scores, and perhaps multiplayer, then it covers a wide range of skills.