Node Roundup: 0.10.26, DozerJS, Keybase

2014-02-19 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young

Node 0.10.26

Node 0.10.26 is out. It includes updates for V8, npm, and uv, and fixes for several core modules, including crypto, fs, and net.



DozerJS (GitHub: DozerJS / dozerjs, License: MIT, npm: dozerjs) is an Express-based project that aims to make it easier to develop MVC-style REST-based applications.

It looks like the focus is on simplifying the server-side implementation so you can focus on the UI. The conventions used for the server-side structure seem to follow the popular wisdom: route separation, simple models with validation, and HTTP verbs for CRUD operations.



Keybase (GitHub: keybase / node-installer) is a public key sharing tool that you can install with npm: npm install -g keybase-installer. It allows you to associate several keys with a single identity:

In one command, Keybase has acquired maria's public key, her keybase username, and her public identities, and confirmed they're all her, using GnuPG to review a signed tweet and gist she posted.

I think it's an extremely interesting project -- the website is clear, and I like the idea of being able to confirm identities for collaborating with people online. Using npm to distribute the client seems like a smart approach.