Node Roundup: Node 0.11.11, Nightwatch.js, Hackify

2014-01-29 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young

Node 0.11.11

Node 0.11.11 was released today, and it's quite a big update so I think they're catching up after the holiday slowdown. The main binary dependencies have been updated (v8, HTTP parser, openssl, uv). There's a huge amount of fixes for the core modules, including crypto, http, tls, and util.



Nightwatch.js (GitHub: beatfactor / nightwatch, License: MIT, npm: nightwatch) is a test framework that uses Selenium WebDriver. Tests are written as modules, so the exported functions are run as test cases. The first parameter is a client object, that has a chainable API for scripting access to webpages.

It includes JUnit XML support, so you can use it with a CI server like TeamCity. Both CSS selectors and XPath can be used.

If you've never used Selenium before, then take a look at the Nightwatch guide. It explains how it manages the Selenium server and browser instances.


Hackify (GitHub: hackify, License: MIT, npm: hackify), by Michael Dausmann, is a collaborative code editor that features a permission system, and chat. It feels like Google Drive for programming.

The server uses Express, Socket.IO, and Redis. It's written like a fairly typical Express application, with route separation and ejs templates.