Node Roundup: Nodemon 1.0, Prana, termcoin, node-bitwise-xor

2014-01-22 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young

Nodemon 1.0


I noticed Nodemon 1.0 was released this week (GitHub: remy / nodemon, License: MIT, npm: nodemon). This update includes local and global configuration files, execMap for mapping file extensions to programs, and some changes to the overall architecture of the project. You can now require Nodemon, and tests have been added.


Prana (GitHub: recidive / prana, License: MIT, npm: prana) by Henrique Recidive is a small framework for Node applications. Prana application objects are EventEmitters, and Prana "types" emit events as well.

It combines an ODM system with a plugin system, and currently persists data to memory or MongoDB. The author has included some examples which you can find in prana/examples, and one of them uses Express. The module's code itself has detailed comments, and the readme is solid too.


termcoin (GitHub: chjj / termcoin, License: MIT, npm: termcoin) by Christopher Jeffrey is a terminal Bitcoin client with a command-line interface based on blessed. It requires bitcoind to work, and looks really cool in the screenshots.


Stanislas Marion sent in node-bitwise-xor (GitHub: czzarr / node-bitwise-xor, License: MIT, npm: bitwise-xor), a module for performing a bitwise XOR on two buffers or strings. It iterates over each element with ^, taking into account the length to ensure each item is changed.