Node Roundup: Faucet, Node Compiler, Tumblr

2014-01-08 00:00:00 +0000 by Alex R. Young


Faucet (GitHub: substack / faucet, License: MIT, npm: faucet) by Substack is a human-readable TAP summariser. You can pipe TAP text into the faucet command-line script, and it'll generate prettier yet concise output.

If you type faucet, JavaScript files in test/ will be executed using tape and then automatically piped through faucet.

Substack has created some nice animated gifs that show what the results look like under various conditions. One of them even shows Mocha using tap through the -R tap command-line option.

Node Compiler

Node Compiler

Sonny Lazuardi sent in Node Compiler (GitHub: sonnylazuardi / node-compiler, License: MIT), a web-based tool for building C++. It uses g++ with execSync, wrapped up with an Express-based API.

The web interface uses the Ace editor, which supports traditional editor features like syntax highlighting. I think it's quite an audacious idea, but it might be a little dangerous to leave on public servers.


node-tumblr (GitHub: meritt / node-tumblr, npm: tumblr) by Alexey Simonenko is a Tumblr API wrapper for Node. It supports OAuth, and allows you to query posts, links, answers, and the other resources Tumblr provides.