jQuery Roundup: One Page Scroll, crSpline

2013-10-01 00:00:00 +0100 by Alex R. Young
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One Page Scroll

One Page Scroll (GitHub: peachananr / onepage-scroll) by Pete Rojwongsuriya enables pages to scroll in the vertical locking style like Apple's new iPhone 5S page. It's based around sections -- any selector can be used -- and jQuery's animations:

   sectionContainer: 'section',
   easing: 'ease',
   animationTime: 1000,
   pagination: true,
   updateURL: false

I had a look at the source and it includes Eike Send's $.fn.swipeEvents so it should work with touchscreens.


A visualisation of movement along Catmull-Rom splines.

jquery.crSpline (GitHub: MmmCurry / jquery.crSpline, License: MIT) by M. Ian Graham is an animation plugin that moves objects along waypoints, smoothing the edges with splines.

The name crSpline comes from Catmull-Rom:

The curve is named after Edwin Catmull and Raphael Rom. In computer graphics, Catmull–Rom splines are frequently used to get smooth interpolated motion between key frames. For example, most camera path animations generated from discrete key-frames are handled using Catmull–Rom splines.

The plugin includes $.crSpline.buildSequence which can be used to generate spline animation objects. At the moment there isn't much documentation, but demo.js should get you started.