BitcoinJS 1.0

29 Jul 2014 | By Alex Young | Tags bitcoin libraries

BitcoinJS 1.0 (GitHub: bitcoinjs / bitcoinjs-lib, License: MIT, npm: bitcoinjs-lib) has been released. This is a library for working with Bitcoins. For example, Bitcoin.ECKey.makeRandom can be used to generate a new address, and you can create transactions with new Bitcoin.Transaction().

The API is clean and easy to learn, and it comes with a test suite. It depends on crypto-js and some modules for working with base 58 encoding. Typed arrays are used to ensure it has solid performance.

BitcoinJS is a popular module, and is used by some popular Bitcoin-related services, including Hive Wallet,, and BitAddress.

It comes with support for browsers, so you can use it in client-side code as well as Node.

The 1.0 release signifies a milestone that the author has been working on since 2011. For more details, see the 1.0 announcement.

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