Node Roundup: bitcoinaddress.js, atry, Node Web Modules

05 Feb 2014 | By Alex Young | Tags node modules apps bitcoin


If you need to take Bitcoin payments on your site, then bitcoinaddress.js (GitHub: miohtama / bitcoinaddress.js, License: MIT, npm: bitcoinaddress) by Mikko Ohtamaa might help. It’s a module for handling Bitcoin payments. It can be run as a client-side script, or as a Node module. It allows Bitcoins to be sent, or specific currency amounts based on “fiat” amounts.

It’s based around bitcoin: URIs, and allows you to display “Pay from wallet” links on your pages. It also displays QR codes so people can easily make payments using mobile Bitcoin apps.


atry (GitHub: CodeCharmLtd / atry, License: MIT, npm: atry) from Code Charm (Damian Kaczmarek) is an alternative to Node’s domain module. The basic idea is to allow exceptions to be caught using an asynchronous API:

atry(function() {
  setTimeout(function() {
    throw new Error('I am Error');
  }, 10);
}).catch(function(err) {
  console.log('Error:', err);

It has an intercept method that returns an “exception safe” callback that you can pass as a callback to asynchronous APIs like fs.readFile.

Node Web Modules

Node Web Modules (GitHub: caio-ribeiro-pereira / node-web-modules, License: MIT) by Caio Ribeiro Pereira is a Node web application that shows a list of popular web frameworks for Node. If you select one of the modules it shows a screenshot and some statistics.

The project is powered by Express and Redis, and it uses the GitHub API. The module list it displays on is useful for beginners, but you might also like to take a look at the source to see how it works.

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