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Swarm, Dookie, AngularJS Book

Posted by Alex R. Young on .

books css node modules

Swarm, Dookie, AngularJS Book

Posted by Alex R. Young on .


Swarm (GitHub: gritzko / swarm, License: MIT) by Victor Grishchenko is a data synchronisation library that can synchronise objects on clients and servers.

Swarm is built around its concise four-method interface that expresses the core function of the library: synchronizing distributed object replicas. The interface is essentially a combination of two well recognized conventions, namely get/set and on/off method pairs, also available as getField/setField and addListener/removeListener calls respectively.

var obj = swarmPeer.on(id, callbackFn); // also addListener()  
obj.on('field', fieldCallbackFn);  
obj.off('field', fieldCallbackFn);  
swarmPeer.off(id, callbackFn);  // also removeListener()  

The author has defined an addressing protocol that uses tokens to describe various aspects of an event and object. For more details, see Swarm: specifying events.


Dookie (GitHub: voronianski / dookie-css, License: MIT, npm: dookie-css) by Dmitri Voronianski is a CSS library that's built on Stylus. It provides several useful mixins and components:

  • Reset mixins: reset(), normalize(), and fields-reset()
  • Helpers: Shortcuts for working with display, fonts, images and high pixel ratio images
  • Sprites
  • Vendor prefixes
  • Easings and gradients

Dmitri has also included Mocha/PhantomJS tests for checking the generated output and visualising it.

Developing an AngularJS Edge

Developing an AngularJS Edge by Christopher Hiller is a new book about AngularJS aimed at existing JavaScript developers who just want to learn AngularJS. The author has posted examples on GitHub here: angularjsedge / examples, and there's a sample chapter (ePub).

The book is being sold through Gumroad for $14.95, reduced from $19.95. The author notes that it is also available through Amazon and Safari Books Online.